Punching and kicking into shape with our high energy kickboxing classes!

Kick and Punch The Fitness Way Without Fluff, Just Results! Could you burn up to 1,000 calories in one kickboxing class? If you try our first-rate kickboxing lessons, you'll get hooked! All our kickboxing programs are designed by Master Marco Sies, 7-time World Champion kickboxing. Every class is filled with fun, fat-burning energy — all to your blackbelt kickboxing instructor's blood-pumping, upbeat music, and enthusiastic guidance. Kickboxing is the ideal mix of exercise and fun – exciting warm-ups, heavy punching and kicking bags, six-pack abs training, stretching and flexibility, all bundled into a class that goes so fast, you'll be amazed!

We specialize in high intensity kickboxing workout

Short-on-time? Try X-KB's! Besides our top kickboxing courses, students have unrestricted access to our exclusive X-PRESS KICKBOXING (X-KB) courses. These turbo-charged workouts planned for students who spare just half an hour, but don't want to lose their activity. This 30-minute turbo experience would be shorter in time, but NOT in energy or sweat!